I guess I’m not unique

5 03 2008

So I got a phone call this afternoon:


“Are you the Dave Till who went to North Toronto Collegiate?”


“Sorry.” (click)

There seem to be a bunch of people named Dave Till in Toronto. I know a little bit about one or more of them. One of my namesakes defaulted on a loan from the CIBC about ten years ago: I know this because the CIBC phoned me twice in two years about it. Somebody else – possibly the same guy – didn’t pay his GST.

(I’ve always wondered whether my credit rating has ever been at risk because other people named Dave Till have taken out loans and not paid them back. Since I am horrified by debt, and will likely never be able to afford to buy a house and therefore will never need a mortgage, I’ll probably never find out.)

I’ve also had a couple of people request to be my friend on Facebook because they mistakenly thought I was someone else with the same name. One woman wondered whether I had gone to high school in Stratford, and a man mistook me for the Dave Till who signed his paycheques. Sometime, I have to meet one or more of these guys, if only to find out whether any of them have been mistaken for me.

I actually have met someone with the same name as me once: in 1999, my extended family got together in Lloydminster, Alberta (where my grandfather and his brother originally settled). There, I met my second cousin, also named Dave Till, who lives in the United States. He told me that he had once surfed the net for his name – who among us hasn’t? – and found my web site, not knowing that we were related. I thought that was cool.




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