It’s little illegal

11 03 2008

The other day, I got a spam message that suggested that credit card fraud is a good way to make money fast.

Here’s some excerpts from the message:

You are not stupid man, who gonna make big money?
Do you want to earn 900USD-15000USD in a day, like me?
This article not bullshit, like almost all info in internet, read it and you understand.

I know that in USA and other countries many good guys want to earn money and get rich. That’s why I gonna tell you the truth about how to make good money from credit cards. I had just about 2000usd as start. Of course it’s little illegal, but with legal way you are not able to earn too much money in a day.

The message goes on to suggest that I should buy a magnetic card reader/encoder, and use it to create fake cards. Then, it’s shopping time!

The message ends with:

Now I have workers who work in shops and I don’t do nothing and recieve money 🙂 Some my friends work with this too and my best friend buy a lots GAZ with these dumps and sell it in Mexico. It’s real, try it and you will never work for somebody as clerk.

Guys, let’s fuck banks. Cardholders, which are these hacked cards, will recieve their insurance 100%, so you just make problems for banks!

I hate banks, that’s why I did it!




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