25 03 2008

I live in a 21-story high-rise building, in an apartment that is right next to the elevators. Their rise and fall provides spooky background noise.

One of the elevators is making squeaky sounds as it goes up and down. It’s quite irritating and intrusive. And I’m wondering whether it’s safe.

Of course, any elevator noises are drowned out during the day by the sound of jackhammers: they’re now destroying the balconies on the north side of the building. (I’m on the south side, the side with the awesome view – the photo at the top of my site was part of the view off my balcony, back when I had one.) They start hammering away at 8 every weekday morning. No one on the entire street is able to sleep in, or has been able to for weeks; the sound can be heard for blocks.

Living here is better than having to shovel snow, though.




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