Earth hour

30 03 2008

I wasn’t planning on participating in Earth Hour. I don’t do collective things that often (my Permanent Record has Not A Team Player written all over it), and it didn’t really sink in until today that it was happening. But when I went out to the Future Shop in Weston to buy an ergonomic keyboard – because that was the only place in Toronto that had it, as far as I know – I noticed that the nearby Canadian Tire was closing at 8:00 for Earth Hour. Whoa, I thought. Some people are taking this seriously.

I was originally going to go out tonight, but I’ve been whacked by a cold, so I was home when Earth Hour happened. It was dusk. I turned off my computer monitor, got out an old flashlight, and started reading. When the flashlight started running out of batteries, I sat and thought for a while. It was relaxing. I usually like to keep busy – even if that mostly means playing computer games – so it was good to have some down time.

Then, at 9:00, I watched the CN Tower light up again. I turned on my living room light and my computer monitor, and went back to doing what I was doing.

There isn’t really a moral or a point to this story.




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