Facebook ad

30 03 2008

This morning, I saw this ad in the left-hand column of my Facebook home page:

You old fat woman?
Exclusive deal for you!

I was curious, so I clicked the link: it led me to a page titled “Fit Over 40: Middle-age and Senior Health, Fitness and Hormone Restoration! Welcome!” The banner headline on the page read:

FREE Limited-Time Offer
“10 Pounds (Snap!) Like THAT!”
Mega Fat-Burning System!

The letter then goes on to read:

Dear Fat-Burning Enthusiast,

Want to burn more bodyfat in 10 days than you have in the past 10 months? I’ll show you the “Insider Pro Secrets” that hardly anyone wants you to know. These are the techniques I used to DROP 70 POUNDS and stay lean…at 43!

I want to give this information to you FREE TODAY. All I need is a bit of information. Don’t worry—I’ll guard your name and email with total secrecy and respect. I NEVER sell, rent, or even MENTION your personal information to anyone, anytime, period!

There’s a quotation that leaps to mind: “Methinks he doth protest too much.”




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