Why Windows annoys me, Part XLIX

8 04 2008

There are many things I find frustrating about my computer, but one of them is this: it can’t shut itself off without supervision.

If I shut my computer down – which I do whenever I’m not using it – sometimes, programs time out when they’re exiting. When they do, they put up a dialog box asking me whether I really want to end the program now, even though it might lose data. This can sometimes happen two or three times during the shutdown process.

This means that I can’t just click “Shut Down”, turn my monitor off, and get on with my life. No – I have to wait sometimes as long as five minutes while my computer gradually closes all its programs and services, in case something requires human intervention to shut down. I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve been running late in the morning, and wind up still later because my computer can’t shut down without someone around to hold its hand.

I’m sure that there is some setting, deep in the bowels of my computer, that can change a time out setting or something. But I am not going to read several hundred pages of documentation to find it. I want my computer to shut down right away when I tell it to.





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