8 05 2008

So I got an email from amazon.ca yesterday that contained this:

Hello from Amazon.ca.

We wanted to let you know there’s a delay with one or more
items in the order you placed on May 05 2008 04:08 PDT

[details skipped]
Estimated ship date: 05/06/08 – 19/06/08

Oh well, I thought. I can wait if I have to. Then, I got another email today:

Greetings from Amazon.ca!

We thought you’d like to know we shipped your items, and that this
completes your order.

Thanks for shopping at Amazon.ca, and we hope to see you again soon!

I’m pleased to be getting my books after all, but I wonder if they’ve ever lost any customers by sending out unreasonably pessimistic estimates of arrival.

Though I will still have to go through the Canada Post multi-step delivery process to get my books: first, the mailman will buzz my apartment during the day, when I’m not at home, to try to make a delivery. Then, he’ll stick the delivery notice on the front door entranceway to my apartment building, and I’ll have to remember to look there to pick it up. (I usually don’t go in or out that way.) Then, I’ll have to go to my Nearest Post Office, bring lots of ID, and wait in line. Only then do I get my books. Sigh.




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