The world is about four inches too low

8 05 2008

I’ve been dealing with a stiff back for a couple of days – it’s not a serious injury, but I can’t really bend at the waist right now. While I’ve been hurt, I’ve realized that the world is built for people who are about 5’6″ to 5’8″ in height.

Don’t get me wrong – I love being tall. I was short as a kid, and tall is better, believe me. But, when you’re my height (I’m a little over 6’2″), I have to bend over just a little for everything. Such as sinks. They’re built too low to the ground: I can’t wash my hands anywhere without bending over – or, if I can’t bend over, standing splay-footed at an awkward angle so that I can reach the taps. Blah.

While I’m on the subject: there are lots of stores that hang their display signs about six feet off the ground – which is just low enough for me to bump into them, but not low enough for me to notice them right away. And who was responsible for designing TTC buses whose seats are so close together that I literally can’t sit in some of them? What is up with that, huh?




One response

1 07 2008
Jan McIntyre

You would have loved my kitchen cupboards in Paris. They were built for someone of your height. This was quite surprising to me since as someone of 5’3″, I am actually tall compared to Parisians (male and female). Form follows functionality does not apply in France.

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