The six cents make a difference.

15 05 2008

Recently, I was walking into a Canadian Tire, and I saw a shed on sale for $599.93. All the other sheds were on sale for $something.99 except this one. I guess they wanted to draw attention to this shed; for some reason it absolutely had to be moved off the lot. The scary part is that they’re probably right: knocking the extra six cents off probably does attract more potential buyers. Humans have evolved to notice differences.

Retailers are good at this sort of thing. That’s why we all spend so much time shopping now, I suppose – they know how to get us to want to.

While writing this, I was listening to Frank Sinatra on WFMU – they were commemorating the tenth anniversary of his death. After about three songs, I discovered that I don’t like listening to Frank Sinatra. This may be heresy, but it’s back to 3WK for me.




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