Curtains 2, Dave 0

22 05 2008

So I have this problem I’m trying to solve: the light comes through my bedroom window way too early in the morning. Like, 5:30 or 6 – a time when no rational human is awake. I usually wake up two or three times a night – I’m a middle-aged guy; I do that – and if I wake up when it’s light out, I can’t get back to sleep. And going to bed earlier doesn’t help – besides, I’m wide awake at night. And there’s more fun things to do then, anyway.

I have dark-coloured curtains, but they still let in the light. I used to put construction paper over the window to block out the light, but the building management doesn’t allow us to do that any more. What to do?

It occurred to me the other day that my bedroom curtains are wide enough to cover twice the width of my window. So I could leave one curtain on the curtain rod, and put another curtain over the window, and the problem of excess light would be solved. But how to do that?

I can’t drill into the wall near the window; that’s not an option. So I tried the universal solution: duct tape. But it’s not working. The first two attempts to duct-tape curtains to the window fell down (I’m not very handy). During this, I discovered that duct tape prefers to stick to (a) itself, or (b) me, rather than (c) the thing it’s supposed to stick to. Much duct tape has been wasted during this process. And the curtains are covered in dust, which has triggered my dust allergy; I’ve been coughing for two days. (Cue the violins.)

So this is attempt 3: more duct tape, plus running string through the curtain loops and tying it to the curtain rod. We’ll see if this holds up.

(Those of you who are actually handy – please try not to laugh. Thank you.)




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23 05 2008
Bill S

Blackout curtains.

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