I don’t remember last Christmas

30 06 2008

I don’t get phone calls on my land line much any more – most of my friends message me on Facebook, or ring me on my cell phone. My land line calls are pretty much always people trying to sell me something.

So when I got a call at dinner, I first checked my call display. Unfortunately, it wasn’t registering; I discovered, after the call, that my phone display had locked up. So I didn’t know whether this was a real call or not – I had to answer it.

Sure enough, it was a phone salesman. His question: “Do you remember filling out a ballot last Christmas when you were out shopping?” I responded no; I never fill out ballots for anything. (I also didn’t shop much last Christmas; I was unemployed then.) This unexpected response confused him; he hung up.

I guess most people fill out ballots every now and again to try to win something. I don’t bother. I also don’t fill out those customer satisfaction surveys. I don’t ever want to be a corporate snitch.

I am assuming that this was a scam of some sort – had I actually won a real honest prize, the caller would have told me up front what it was I won. Nice try.




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