Show diary #1

3 07 2008

I am in a show that is part of the 2008 Toronto Fringe festival! I’m part of a group called The Canadian Space Opera Company, and we’re doing a show called “Casa De Los Fantasmas” (House Of Ghosts) at CIUT (91 St. George), most nights at 8 pm (and weekends at 3 pm).

We had our opening night last night – our venue seats 30, and we had 17 paid, which was far better than I expected. The audience seemed to like the show; one man who seemed the most stone-faced told me afterwards that he really liked the show, and the applause seemed genuine, rather than that forced polite applause you give anybody. We also got our reviewer last week (Eye Weekly reviews every show at the Fringe). I checked NOW and Eye Weekly for Fringe coverage, and both of their review pages seem to not be working on Firefox 3 this morning. Oh well – I don’t think I want to know what our review comments are.

Everybody at CIUT, and the Fringe front of house staff and volunteers, has been awesome. The only complaint I have is that the ceilings in the CIUT basement are a bit low for shortness-challenged people!

Went out to the beer tent after the show; handed out flyers, and put a poster in the Tranzac Club’s men’s room (a prime location for show publicity – seriously). Managed to actually get some sleep, despite the post-show adrenalin rush. Now, off to work…




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