Show diary #2

3 07 2008

Good things about tonight’s show:

  • We had 19 people in the house. The house manager said that the Fringe almost never gets this many people at a bring-your-own-venue show. At this rate, we’ll at least break even for sure.
  • One person that we didn’t know made a point of telling us that our show was great.
  • People were laughing at more of the lines we were expecting laughs on.

Bad things:

  • A couple of people didn’t seem to be enjoying the show. I guess you can’t please everybody.
  • Not many lines that got huge laughs from everybody.
  • It’s warm in there when you’re wearing a suit!
  • I might have been too loud at times. (I have a LOUD baritone voice. When at work, or virtually anywhere, I have to remember to lower my voice to not be disturbing.)
  • I left my watch in the space.

Things I’m wondering:

  • When to wait for a laugh, and when to press on. This is a challenge: if you wait, the timing of the show can get screwed up if nobody laughs. If you go ahead, you might cut off audience laughter.
  • What our review rating will be: our reviewer showed up on Wednesday, but it hasn’t been posted yet.



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