Show diary #5

7 07 2008

We had our first sold-out show in the afternoon. That was the hottest the venue has been – we’re in the basement at CIUT, and it’s not air-conditioned there. I had to go home and stick my head under the shower to bring my core body temperature down – I had this mental image of gauges climbing back down from the red zone.

I was impressed by one CIUT person’s commitment to music: while the show was going on, and while a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon was happening, he sat in CIUT’s basement, looking through and playing old records – presumably, to play on his show. (He apparently enjoyed what he could hear of our show.)

Sunday evening was a smaller turnout – we had 14 paid. They were a good audience, though. There were three Fringe VIPs in the audience – we didn’t find out who they were or why they were important.

Our next show is Wednesday – today seems almost like a holiday, because I only have to work: since Wednesday, I’ve either been working and doing a show, or doing two shows.

So far, it’s all been awesome – the feedback has been great.

Oh, and before every show, we’ve started doing a Terrorist Fist Bump.  Don’t ask why.




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