Show diary #9

13 07 2008

I’m feeling a bit sad this morning: I had to leave the party at the Tranzac Club relatively early last night – about midnight – because (a) I am not capable of sleeping in in the morning, no matter how late I go to bed, and (b) we have two more shows today, and I want to be functional for both of them. I feel old.

But enough whining: our shows yesterday went really well. We sold out both times, and the audiences seemed to like us. Before the first show, we did a quick runthrough of the show for Jorge, who was covering Sam’s part on Saturday afternoon (Sam had to go to a convention). The runthrough quickly became very very rude and hilariously funny (and unprintable in this space, dear reader).

Saturday afternoon was probably the hottest it’s been. Our venue has been great – everybody has been friendly and helpful – but, damn: if we do this next year, somewhere air-conditioned would be a good idea.

Apparently, the CIUT building is going to come down within a few months: CIUT are moving to Hart House, and some department or other is expanding into the space.




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