Show diary, the last

14 07 2008

We’re finally done, after 14 shows in 12 days. We sold out both our shows on Sunday, giving us seven sellouts in total.

Both of the Sunday shows went well, though we were a little fatigued for the second one. (Plus there was the delicate matter of having to wear clothes we’d worn a few times before. Fabreeze is Good.) The second show was delayed five minutes because an audience member was up in the washroom putting on her makeup (at least, that was the explanation we were given). She apparently went down to the show space, decided it was too crowded, and went upstairs and asked for a refund, which she was not given (there are no refunds for Fringe shows).

On the whole, the show could not have gone better than it did. We had good reviews and good word-of-mouth, and almost all of the about 375 people who saw our show liked it. (One person at the back of Sunday evening’s show apparently fell asleep.)

Stuff I remember:

  • The pre-show Terrorist Fist Bump.
  • Nike being stuck in traffic on the way to the show, thanks to a tractor-trailer overturning on the 401. She made it just in time.
  • Paul flinging a glass of water on Sam at the last show.
  • Heat. Man, it was hot and sweaty in there. (By the end, as part of our post-show bowing ritual, we would pretend to fan the audience.)

Thanks to Daniel, our house manager, and Erik, our awesome CIUT technician, for making everything run smoothly.




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