Just another day on earth

17 07 2008

I was walking to Christie Station today on my way home from work, and I noticed a man doing pushups on the sidewalk at the corner of Christie and Barton. It was a hot day, so the sidewalk must have scalded his hands. He was only a few hundred feet away from Christie Pits Park, where there is lots of room to exercise, so I don’t know what he was up to.

And, a little while ago, I went for a dip in my building’s pool. There were people doing a photo shoot there – the subject of the shoot was a man wearing tight bathing trunks with EPSTEIN written on them. He ducked into the changeroom to change into a couple of different swimsuits while I was in the pool. I have no idea whether they were shooting for a swimwear magazine or for a gay publication, or what. They were still going at it when I left. Seeing a flash go off when you’re in a swimming pool is disconcerting – it’s like there’s a lightning storm happening, which obviously is bad.

(This isn’t the most unusual thing that has happened at the pool. In 2004, I was lying on a deck chair. Four guys were swimming and hanging around the pool, doing nothing particularly unusual. Then, three policemen showed up and took one of the guys away. He went quietly, and everyone went back to what they were doing. I have no idea whether they were arresting him.)




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