Relentless telemarketers

6 09 2008

This afternoon is a bad day for telemarketers – or maybe it’s market researchers, or something. Thanks to call display, I never have to answer them. Which means they keep coming.

Today, I have had calls – from the same two numbers – at 2:46, 3:04, 3:59, 4:09, 4:17, 4:24, 4:35, 4:42, 4:48 and 4:54. It looks like a pattern – maybe I’m going to get another one at 5:01.

I may have to unplug my phone. Seriously.

(Edit: I got another call at 5:01. I’m not going to answer the phone. We’ll see who gives up first.)

(Edit again: And another at 5:10. This time, I picked up the phone and hung up without answering. This might work.)

(Edit again: it’s 5:24, and I haven’t gotten another call. That might have done it.)




One response

6 09 2008

Isn’t a Do Not Call list coming to Canada? When you have it, I highly recommend signing up. In the meantime, you could try recording the ‘Intercept’ SIT tones as part of your answering machine message. Supposedly telemarketing robots can interpret the tones and take your number off the list automatically.

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