World’s second-tallest freestanding light show

11 09 2008

I can see downtown Toronto from my balcony, and I didn’t realize until recently that the CN Tower is lit differently every night.

There are many possibilities available. The observation deck can be lit in any of a number of colours, and these colours can flash and/or rotate. The main tower itself can be lit with a vertical band of colour; this can be a single solid colour or can be divided into sections, each of which is a different colour. Or, a beam of coloured light can travel up the tower. There’s probably other things that it can do.

Last night, the observation deck was rotating through a variety of colours, and the main tower was divided into four sections, two of which were lit with a red beam of light, and two of which were dark blue. Tonight, it’s kind of muted: the observation deck slowly changes colour – about once every couple of minutes or so – and the tower itself is dark (except for the standard observation lights that keep planes, birds, drunken clubbers, etc., from colliding into it). I wonder how they decide what lights to use?

Anyway, it’s kind of cool that it’s not lit the same way every night.




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