Odds and ends

18 09 2008

I haven’t been writing much here lately, mostly because I write a lot at work (it’s what I do for a living), and partly because I’m lazy. So here’s some random stuff.

The CN Tower is showing off a new move tonight – there’s a little blip of light running from the bottom of the tower to the top, and the light on the observation deck is rotating in time with it. It’s a cool effect. I wonder how hard it is to program all that stuff in.

I work just down the street from a seniors’ home. Which keeps me from complaining too much about life – for some people, a slow and possibly painful trip to the Loblaws, one block away, is the high point of their day.

Oh yeah – I got my electric guitar fixed! It’s a Music Man Stingray, and I’ve had it for almost all of my adult life. I stopped playing it a few years ago when my amp died; when I tried it out recently, I discovered that something in the electronics had shorted out. Fortunately, this was easy to fix, and the guitar repair guy also set the guitar up so that it plays as good as new. I bought a cheap amp for $80 plus tax, and now I can entertain myself with my so-so guitar playing. I may never go out again.

(When I got my guitar repaired, I learned that guitar repair people are called luthiers. I didn’t know that.)

Here’s a picture of a guitar similar to mine, from their original ads. Mine is a cherry sunburst finish, but otherwise looks the same as this one. It’s my baby, and I’m glad I have it back.




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