Argh, part 16

26 10 2008

So I was settling in this afternoon to play around with Photoshop a bit. This is a bit of a challenge on my computer, as it’s five years old and doesn’t have a lot of RAM. (It’s got 512MB; apparently, even cheap new computers have 2GB of RAM.) I figured out that if I reduce the image resolution to 72 dpi – in other words, configure it so that images can only be displayed on the web, not printed – I can play with Photoshop and listen to iTunes at the same time without having my computer go into Memory Swap Hell. So I got all set up, and started grabbing images from the Internet.

Then, my Norton Anti-Virus suddenly decided that now was the best time to update its virus protection. Why now? I’m not sure. But my computer basically ground to a halt for fifteen minutes while it updated all of its internal virus protection files. Argh.




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