Avoiding injury

1 11 2008

Maybe November will be a charmed month for me – I twice avoided injury today.

Number 1: I bicycled down to the Chapters on John Street. After locking my bike, I was walking towards the store entrance. I didn’t notice that the sidewalk has a step on it, so I stepped down when I thought I was stepping forward. Luckily, I didn’t twist my foot or anything. (Almost exactly ten years ago today, I did something similar: I accidentally stepped off a curb at Queens Quay while carrying two armfuls of photographic supplies for a class. I twisted my foot as I fell, and I did something nasty to a tendon. I spent the next six months limping wherever I had to go.)

Number 2: I was getting back on my bike after climbing up the stairs from the Don bike path to Riverdale Park when my foot got caught on something (the top bar of the bike, I guess). I fell, and then so did my bike. I escaped with only a scrape on my leg, and my bike appears to be undamaged. Unless I injured my back without realizing it – and back injuries can take up to a day to decide to reveal themselves – I might have dodged two bullets today.




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