Weird dreams and computer death

11 11 2008

I usually don’t remember my dreams, but I remember two from last night.

In the first one, I was playing a type of field hockey against one opponent, in which the goal of the game was to hit the other person as hard as I could with the ball. I wound up to take a ferocious swing – and completely missed the ball. The force of my miss shook my bed in real life and woke me up. (It’s just as well that I sleep by myself – I’m 6’2″, and I toss and turn in my sleep.)

In the second dream, I was at an “urban contemporary” radio station, and the DJ asked me to make a request. I looked at the songs available to me (which were, strangely enough, in cassette format), and couldn’t find anything I liked. (In the dream, I didn’t remember any song titles, so I don’t know how I knew that there wasn’t anything there that I liked. You just “know” things in dreams, I guess.) Then I found Pink Floyd’s “Saucerful of Secrets” album, and asked the DJ whether he’d play something from that. The DJ said, basically, “Yuck.” Then I woke up again.

On an unrelated topic: I am rapidly going from “I would like a new computer” to “I pretty much need a new computer”. The problem is memory: my computer has 512MB, and most computers these days have 2GB or more. (On the weekend, I saw one in Future Shop that had 5GB of memory.) It takes ten minutes to start my computer now, and if I run more than one application – unless they’re old applications designed for the 2003 era – my computer basically stops working. I’m finding it difficult to use iTunes to update my iPod, as the link to the iPod sometimes randomly disconnects while it’s updating. And I don’t dare use Photoshop any more. Sigh.




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