Boy, you’re gonna carry that weight a long time

23 11 2008

This month, I’ve reached a milestone: for the first time in over 10 years, I weigh less than 200 pounds. (I was at 198 this morning.) I attribute this to four things:

  1. I work near a Loblaws, so I can get lots of fresh fruit and vegetables for lunch.
  2. I bought a bicycle this spring and rode it a lot. (Hint for people wanting to get in better shape: find exercise that’s fun to do. I enjoy bicycling.)
  3. I haven’t been doing any upper body workouts, so I’ve probably lost some muscle there. (The rec centre I used to go to is too far away from where I live.) I probably should do some working out so that my upper body won’t atrophy completely.
  4. I stopped drinking beer.

#4 was the hardest part – I like beer.

Despite losing ten pounds and needing to move up one belt loop, and looking more-or-less thin – except for some flab around the waistline, which will never go away ever – I’m still officially overweight, at least according to one BMI measuring site. They claim that my ideal weight is 196 pounds or lower. I think that they deliberately set a demanding standard, just to be on the safe side.

Not sure whether I will be able to keep the weight off – during the winter, I won’t be able to bicycle. And I might want to have a beer every now and again. We’ll see how it goes.




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24 11 2008

You can still bike in the winter if you really enjoy it. Maybe not with a new bike, though, but all you really need is appropriate winter clothing and a can of WD-40. After about five minutes of bicycling you’re warmed up enough to forget it’s -15.

And if you really want to lose weight, you can always move back into residence at UW and eat, or not eat, the food there.

25 11 2008

For me, the limiting factor isn’t the cold, but the ice and snow – my tires can only handle smooth pavement. Most of the side streets I like to bicycle on aren’t plowed too often.

UW residence food – do they still have (a) budgie wings, (b) hockey pucks, (c) watery spaghetti, and/or (d) two-tone turkey? On weekends, especially, ordering pizza was the sensible option.

29 11 2008

I’m trying to remember, but it’s been three years and the memories are buried beneath several greasy breakfasts. Somehow I lost 15% of my body weight from September to April.

I do know that we could never tell if that night’s dinner special was bread stuffed with meat or meat stuffed with bread. There was also an incident featuring chicken thighs.

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