I am dependent on gadgets

13 12 2008

I was happy to discover this morning that the only thing wrong with my cell phone was that it needed a new battery. $70 and some useful advice later (“Don’t keep your phone on the charger all night”), I now have a functional phone again. I didn’t even lose my phone memory.

I was startled to discover that I really missed having a functional cell phone, even though I virtually never call anybody. (I hate calling people because I worry that I will be an intrusion. Same thing for instant messaging and chat – I much prefer either emailing, sending a Facebook message, or actually meeting in person. I always visualize somebody having to emerge from the shower, dripping wet and cranky, just to answer my call.) But I find that I want the freedom to be able to call somebody, if I need to. Besides, if I slip and fall and rupture something, I won’t have to crawl to a pay phone to summon help.

And one thing I really enjoy about my new computer is that it has a much healthier relationship with iTunes and my iPods (my old 40GB iPod, and my newer Shuffle). My old computer sometimes wouldn’t recognize my iPods at all, and sometimes would randomly disconnect from them; even if it did connect, it would only send data at USB 1.0 speed, which meant that it took several hours to update the big iPod.

With this computer, it’s all wonderful. I can update my Shuffle in about ten minutes or so, and can add a few hundred new songs to my big iPod in the time it takes to go to the Loblaws and back.

There’s only one oddity, though: whenever I connect my iPod to my new computer, Vista asks whether I want to “scan and fix” my iPod (which it recommends). I’m afraid to do this – I’m worried that Vista will reformat everything into what it thinks is the optimal format, and make my iPod non-functional. So I say no, don’t fix anything please. It’s all working so far, so I am getting away with it.




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