Snow day

19 12 2008

As you probably know, it snowed about half a foot today in Toronto. (And no, we didn’t call in the army.) The timing wasn’t too bad: it hadn’t snowed too much by the time morning rush hour started, and it had more or less stopped by the end of the work day. The only bad part was having to look down all the time to make sure I didn’t turn an ankle while negotiating one of the more convoluted piles of snow on the sidewalk.

I think having lots of fresh, white snow on the ground is much better than the drabness of late fall. The problem, of course, is that the fresh white snow eventually becomes gray slushy gunk, and stays that way for weeks or even months.

On a totally unrelated topic: somebody stuck this flyer to every door in my apartment building:


Have you ever thought of buying a home?

Due to the current market climate,
is now a REAL option!!

This isn’t quite as bad as suggesting we all go out and buy Chrysler stock, but it doesn’t rank high on the list of Really Good Ideas at the moment.




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