Feel the power

16 01 2009

I was lucky enough to be unaffected by today’s power outage in Toronto. I work at Dupont and Christie, which is in the middle of the power outage zone, but the power was on in my building when I got to work. There’s a seniors’ home just north of where I work, so this must be a high priority for the grid: houses and businesses just south and east of there still had no power when I left work at 5 pm today.

I even lucked out with the subway: it was closed west of St. George when I got on at 8:15 or so, but I was on the first train that was allowed to go to Bathurst. So I had only a slightly longer than usual walk to work, and actually got there early.

I feel a vague sense of survivor guilt: I’ve had a perfectly normal day, but several people that I know have had no heat for nearly 24 hours, and are worried about whether their cats will freeze to death in the cold. It’s like the bullets have passed to either side of me.

But I’m really grateful that I have heat and light right now.




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