28 01 2009

I work right across the street from the Loblaws that was closed on Monday because of a rodent infestation – I’ve been getting my lunch there every weekday for the last ten months. I’ve been having the salad bar, a couple of bread rolls, and some meat and cheese – all of which, conceivably, could have been contaminated by rats and mice.

I actually feel really healthy right now – either I’ve been lucky enough to avoid getting any tainted food, or I have built up an immunity to mouse droppings.

I noticed yesterday that the management has covered all of the store windows with brown butcher paper. I assume that this is to keep people from taking pictures and/or filming the store while it is being cleaned up. I’m no marketing expert, but this seems like a bad PR move.

Anyway, if I fall ill from some strange mouse-borne virus sometime in the next few days, I’ll be sure to let everyone know.

On an unrelated topic – something I just realized about this winter is that it’s always been snowing on the days it hasn’t been cold. We haven’t had many of those sunny with seasonable temperatures days that make winter seem enjoyable. But I’m not complaining: I’d rather have cold and snowy than slushy.




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