USB hubs for girls

13 02 2009

Recently, my employer went out and bought some extra USB hubs for anyone who needed them. Included in these were two four-port hubs that were bright pink.

The flyer that was shipped with each of these pink hubs told the story (all errors theirs):

Big name electronic and computer manufacturers are aimed at the average person, the generic “shopper”, giving no thought to background, sex, hobbies, interest or trends. These same big manufacturers are completely ignoring the fact that Women are the main shopper, doing 90% of the purchasing.

In today’s society, technology has saturated the market and women are becoming more computer savvy. Woman are surrounded by electronics and gadgets, which are a part of our every day lives, but these products are dull and monotonous.

In response to this, we have the G-Cube. From left to right, here are the attractive designer pouch, the hub itself, and its USB cable/plug (taken with my cellphone camera, which isn’t good at indoor photos):

The gcube, its cable, and its pouch

I can’t claim to know what appeals to women, but I can’t imagine that the average female computer geek would particularly care what colour her USB hub was. In fact, she might find it insulting that the designer was assuming that pink=girl colour.

And using pink as a design colour would pretty much keep all the men away. I am reasonably secure about my masculinity and/or heterosexuality, but I’m not sure I have the nerve to use a bright pink USB hub with my work computer.




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