Random courtesy

15 03 2009

Two things I’ve done for years:

The first: whenever I give money to a cashier, I always rearrange the bills so that the heads face in the same direction. When I worked at the CNE one summer many years ago as a ticket seller, the managers insisted that the bills all face the same way. Since then, I always rearrange the money I’m paying – and, out of curiosity, I check to see whether the bills are all facing the same way in the cash register. Some stores seem to insist on this, some don’t.

(Which reminds me: when I worked at the CNE, they totalled up all the cash and tickets at the end of the day. If there was a discrepancy, they took the difference out of your pay. I once gave somebody both their $20 bill and their change, and wound up working most of the day for free because of this. A curse on whoever took the extra money: who would cheat a 17-year-old?)

The other thing I do: when I’m walking down the street, I take a handbill whenever I’m offered one. This is because of something George Orwell once wrote: he said that he always took a handbill because the people who hand them out have to stay out there until all the handbills have been given away. I don’t know if this is still true, but I take a handbill anyway.




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