Call between 7:30 and midnight

6 04 2009

I’m watching the baseball game tonight. Between innings, there have been several commercials for the BMO Home Essentials Kit ($24.95 plus applicable taxes). Apparently, it’s full of useful tips for first-time home buyers.

Something I noticed at the end of one of the commercials: if you want BMO Home Essentials, you can order it  by phone any time between 7:30 in the morning and midnight. Which leads me to wonder – who would want to buy this book at 11:30 at night? And who is the unfortunate person who is forced to work late into the night in case someone wants to order it just before bedtime?

And speaking of baseball: why is Opening Day not a national holiday?




2 responses

6 04 2009

Do you think Doc had enough run support tonight?

6 04 2009

The ball really does tend to fly out of the park when the roof is closed in April, doesn’t it?

The fans throwing things on the field reminded me of home openers back at Exhibition Stadium – lots of rowdy fans starting fights and so on. A lot of people go to the home opener for the sense of occasion, and aren’t really fans; they probably wouldn’t care if the home team was forced to forfeit.

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