At least I don’t yell at geese

19 04 2009

Yesterday morning, I was in the shopping plaza on Laird Drive south of Eglinton (the one that has the Best Buy in it). It was just before 10:00, which is when the stores open. I was sitting at a nearby picnic table when I saw a Canada goose slowly crossing the parking lot.

It crossed in front of a man in a pickup truck, and it was walking in that not particularly hurried way that geese walk. (“Do I have to migrate yet? No? Oh, okay, I’ll just chill out.”) It didn’t take that long, but the man – who was the sort of red-faced man who looks like he gets angry a lot – rolled down the window of his truck and yelled something at the goose after it passed.

I thought to myself: there may be many things I can improve about my life and the way that I live it, but at least I’m not the sort of person who yells at geese.




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