Maybe I should just change my birth date

25 05 2009

So I got my new credit card in the mail today. To activate it, I had to call a special toll-free number and verify that it was really me who had received the card.

To verify my identity, I was told to supply my date of birth. Which I did. That’s when I found out that they had my birthday wrong in their records: instead of June 8 (06-08), they had August 6 (08-06). I guess somebody typed it in wrong.

The person who activated my card directed me to customer service – who couldn’t do anything about it either. Apparently, to update my birth date, I have to visit a branch in person and provide proof of identity. Of course, their normal proof of identity is date of birth. So I may have a problem here.

The customer service guy who couldn’t update my birth date mentioned, in passing, that I had had my credit card longer than he had been alive. I didn’t really need to know that. Thanks a bunch. I have to go lie down now.




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