Cats in my neighbourhood

16 06 2009

Neighbourhood cats #1: Sometimes, when I take the elevator up to my floor, I notice a cat sitting at one end of the hallway. For a while, I thought that its human didn’t realize that the cat had gotten out. But, today, I overheard the back story.

The woman at the end of the hall, who is the cat’s owner, mentioned to another neighbour that the cat was too old to go outside, but was sociable and liked to be where people were. So she lets the cat out into the hall for a little while every night. The cat doesn’t like to approach people, but seems to enjoy seeing them come and go.

Neighbourhood cats #2: The people running the printing business across the street have three cats. Two are brown and white, and are identical enough looking that they must be siblings. The third is black and white.

Like most cats, these three spend most of the daylight hours asleep in their own squares of sunshine. (We could learn a lot about how to relax from a cat.) All three cats seem to like human contact, but one of the three is an attention hog: she will march up to total strangers, meow, and demand to be petted. She’s so cute and affectionate that even I can’t resist, and I’m allergic to cats; I’ll give her some TLC, then I’ll quickly head home to wash my hands. These cats have been around for at least the last three years; I can’t imagine the neighbourhood without them.




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