The left line is faster

23 06 2009

So I found out today that LCBO staff might be going on strike at midnight tonight – which would mean that liquor stores in Toronto could be closed for the foreseeable future. My response was typical: even though I wasn’t planning on drinking much in the next few days, I wanted some supplies on hand Just In Case, so I stopped off at the LCBO outlet at Danforth east of Broadview to buy a bottle or two.

As expected, there were long lineups for the checkout – the store is small, so there is only room enough for two lineups. I got into the right-hand lineup, but soon noticed that the left line was moving faster. It turned out that the lineup on the left was being served by two clerks, and the lineup on the right by only one. Sure enough, I was out of the store in only a few minutes, while people in the other line had only moved up three or four spots.

The LCBO certainly has moved a lot of product today. By the time I got there, most of the wine shelves were at least two-thirds empty. While I was there, I saw one or two people buying entire basketloads of beverages to stock up. The money earned by the LCBO today might be enough to enable them to make a better offer to their workers!




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