Just stop it. Now.

19 07 2009

I haven’t written here in a while.

Why are some people in cars so impatient? There are too many drivers who, when they’re second in line, start honking impatiently if the car in front is a microsecond too slow to get going when the light changes from red to green. I guess it’s a status thing: an impatient driver feels compelled to inform the person in front that he is important and is not to be kept waiting. But it adds to the negative energy in the universe, and doesn’t really get anybody anywhere any faster.

And it makes passersby like me sad to realize that the world is full of assholes.




One response

29 09 2009
Lone Primate

Nah, it’s not a status thing, it’s a loss of personally latitude thing. It’s about being trapped by somebody who’s too caught up in their phone conversation — that could have waited till they got home, to the office, to the pub — or too focused on whatever gadget they’ve got in their lap or on the seat next to them to do what they should be doing — DRIVING. Watching the light so that the person five or six cars back of them doesn’t have to sit through another light because they’ve taken a little vacation from responsibility to La La Land. In my mind, if you haven’t started INTO the intersection by the time you should have been THROUGH it, you’ve earned The Tin Horn Award.

It’s not about BEING an asshole, it’s about waking other people up to the fact that they’re verging on it themselves.

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