14 08 2009

There is an outdoor pool next to my highrise building, and I love to swim in it at sunset (it’s open until 10:00). It’s very peaceful there.

This year, somebody in the building has decided to take fitness very seriously, and is in the pool every night, doing lengths. He wears a black Speedo cap and swim goggles, and nothing will prevent him from getting his workout in.

Tonight, I went into the pool at 8:30. He was there, swimming away. Then, seven people showed up and started playing around in the pool and splashing each other. This did not deter the swimmer doing lengths: no matter what was going on around him, he kept obsessively making his way through the pool. He stopped, only briefly, when he noticed that one of the women in the group was making fun of him: he turned, glared at her for a second, then resumed swimming.

It was dangerous at times for him to keep going – there were seven of them, they were moving around a lot, and they could easily have collided into him or dived on top of him. But he kept going, regardless. He seemed compelled to keep going.

I left the pool at about 9:10. I felt very relaxed. The man was still going. As I type this, at 9:25, he is probably still swimming his lengths.




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