Tornado warning

20 08 2009

So we had a tornado warning in Toronto tonight. The radio advised people to seek shelter in their basement, or in a central room of their house, or in the bathtub. I live in a high-rise, so I wasn’t sure whether to go to the basement or not. I decided better safe than sorry, so I took the stairs down to the garage level. I was the only person who did.

After a few minutes down there, I figured that if a tornado hit my building, I’d be fucked anyway. And I couldn’t get radio reception from there even if I had remembered to bring a radio, so I had no idea what was happening. So I went back up to my unit. The worst of it passed over while I was gone – including, apparently, a funnel cloud that passed over the city. That’s never happened in my lifetime, as far as I know. I’m happy enough to have missed it.

By the time I got back, the rain was coming down rather impressively. After about 15 minutes, the sky turned a weird shade of yellow, and I could see a spectacular rainbow south of me. As I type this now, the sky to the west of me is a range of coloured clouds like out of a naturalistic painting. The sky to the south and east of me still looks seriously unpleasant, the power is out in Whitby, and there are reports of damage in Vaughan.




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