Two randoms

2 11 2009

On Saturday morning, I had to go to the medical clinic near where I live to get some blood work done. The drill is that you have to go at least 12 hours without eating before they can test your blood, so I hadn’t eaten breakfast when I got there. The clinic was crowded, as it was full of people like me who didn’t want to or couldn’t take time off work to get their tests done.

I had to wait a little over an hour to get everything done. As I was sitting there, reading, I realized that I was in a room full of people who hadn’t had breakfast or morning coffee. The room gave off a distinct low-energy aura. I then realized that the lab technicians who worked there had to spend day after day dealing with hungry, grumpy people. Over and over again. All their working life, unless they got promoted into another medical task or gave it up to become computer programmers or something.

In the basement of my laundry room, there’s a table that, by tradition, is the place where people leave things that they don’t want any more. (Once, there was a giant plush cow left behind, about the size of a small dishwasher. It was unclaimed for over a week – I nicknamed it Laundry Cow.) Last week, someone left behind a copy of Cosmpolitan magazine, with this headline:

Guys Rate 125 Sex Moves

My thought when I read this: women don’t really need to learn 125 sex moves. Most guys are perfectly happy with the following three (3) moves: (1) Show up. (2) Remove some or all of clothing. (3) Do what comes naturally. The other 122 aren’t really necessary.




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