Holy Merry Christmas!

25 12 2009

I hope you are having a happy holiday!

To commemorate this most holy of days, why not check out this collection of clips from Batman, or this more complete list? (These links are from Metafilter.)

Totally unrelated to the above: I recently re-read Agatha Christie’s The Big Four, which has got to be my most favourite mystery novel ever. The synopsis: a gang of four criminal masterminds is plotting to take over the world. Number One, the brains of the operation, is from China, and is said to be the hidden hand behind all of the world’s unrest. Number Two is an American tycoon. Number Three is a woman scientist from France who has apparently developed a mysterious new source of wireless energy. And Number Four is a master of disguise known only as “The Destroyer”. These four arch-villains fear only one man: Hercule Poirot and his legendary “little grey cells”. I love it.




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