A walk in the park

24 02 2010

The day before yesterday, I was walking in a park  in the Annex (Google Maps tells me that it’s St. Albans Square). There was a man walking his dog. The dog clearly had enjoyed being off its leash, and was reluctant to return to being chained up. So it (I wasn’t sure whether it was a he or a she) decided to play dead: it lay there on the path, not moving. Its human stood there, slightly frustrated. The dog’s portrayal of an ex-dog was so convincing that I was wondering whether something was wrong with it. I only became convinced that it was okay when it lifted its head to watch me pass by: curiosity unkilled the dog.

Then I saw the woman who was walking backwards. She didn’t seem to be doing any sort of special exercise, nor did she look obviously schizophrenic: she didn’t seem to be warding off unseen demons or anything like that. She was just casually walking backwards, not taking particular care to look behind her. As I walked east on Barton Avenue, I turned back to look just before the park went out of my field of vision. She was still walking backwards. Maybe she still is.




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