…and the streets of Vancouver were paved with gold

2 03 2010

I wasn’t expecting to get caught up in the Olympics. When you think about it, it seems absurd: why should anyone care whether athletes from our country do better than athletes from another country? But, as the two-plus weeks went on, I found myself getting into it. It didn’t hurt that, for the most part, the Canadian medal winners seemed to be genuinely nice people as well as dedicated: it was refreshing to see Canadians that I was proud to have represent my country on the world stage (as opposed to some of our politicians).

And, of course, I got caught up in the hockey game. There’s something tribal about Canada and hockey that I don’t fully understand (even though I share it): there’s this strange but real sense that hockey is our game, that it is us, somehow. And the gold medal game itself was riveting entertainment: after months of watching the Leafs, I’d forgotten what really good hockey is like. Both teams played well, Canada won, and the national happiness index went up for a day or so.

And it’s awesomely cool that Canada now holds the record for most gold medals in a Winter Olympics. Ever.




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