TD Canada Trust prank mail

11 04 2010

So I got this in my email the other day:

Dear Mr David W Till,

We’re sorry, but your EasyWeb Special Request reference number 0092ZMACW
could not be processed.  Unfortunately, privacy restrictions prevent us
from disclosing the reason via e-mail.  However, we would be pleased to
discuss this with you.

Please call EasyLine at [phone number]. Select option ‘5’, ‘1’, ‘1’, then
‘1’ to speak with an EasyWeb Specialist.  You will need your 13 digit
Access Card and 3 or 4 digit Phone Code.  Our Specialists are available 24
hours a day, 7 days a week.

Thank you for using EasyWeb
Customer Service, TD Canada Trust

My first thought was that this was a phishing scam: as far as I know, I hadn’t done a transaction with Special Request reference number 0092ZMACW. I had just bought a GIC recently, but as far as I know, it went through.

But then I thought that this might actually be from TD Canada Trust: there was no link to click to go to a bogus web site, they weren’t asking me to type my financial data anywhere, and the number was the actual Easy Line phone number. And maybe someone had gotten a hold of my bank card number and tried to do something illicit with it – who knows?

So I phoned them up, and found out that this email message was a fake; there had been no problem with any transaction. Which leads me to wonder: what is the point of this message? There’s no attempt to commit fraud, or to do anything other than waste the bank’s time and mine (and, I suppose, make me look like a Dumb Customer). Who gets satisfaction out of doing something as pointless as this?

My Song Of The Day: “Dark End Of The Street” by James Carr. If you’re familiar with the movie “The Commitments”, the group in the movie performs this song, which is where I first heard it. Gram Parsons also does a good version, but Carr’s version blows them both away. It’s old-school Southern soul music at its finest.




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