Okay, Blue Jays, let’s play ball

12 04 2010

Tonight is the Blue Jays’ home opener, and I was startled to discover that it was a big deal for more people than I thought it would be. After work today, I walked from Bathurst and Bloor to Sherbourne and Bloor, and I must have seen at least half a dozen people wearing Jays shirts and a few more wearing Jays caps. Plus one woman who was chanting “Let’s go, Blue Jays”, for no apparent reason, as she was walking past me.

I tend to think of the first game of the season as the important one, not the home opener, so all of this caught me off guard. But it reinforces something that I have believed for a long time: all that the Jays need is to have a contending team again and the fans will come back. They’re out there.

Oh, and Vernon Wells now has hit one-third as many home runs as he hit all last year.

The Song Of The Day: “Turn It On” by the Flaming Lips. I’m not normally a huge Flaming Lips fan, but I cannot resist that rhythm guitar.




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