Volcanoes and the homeless

17 04 2010

I admit it – I’m a worrier by temperament. Today’s Thing I Am Worrying About is the volcano in Iceland – if it continues to erupt for any length of time, how will this affect the world’s weather patterns? I recall one year when a volcano erupted, and the resulting ash eruption pretty much eliminated summer that year – we didn’t have any warm weather at all. I guess as long as the world’s food supply is not disrupted, we’ll be okay – and, hey, it could offset the effects of man-made climate change.

Went to the Royal Bank branch near where I live to deposit a cheque, and noticed that its ATM machines are no longer accessible between 11 pm and 7 am. Presumably, this was because homeless people were sleeping there. There’s also a homeless person who regularly sleeps in the entranceway to the Palmerston branch of the Toronto public library – several times, I’ve gone to drop off books in their book drop on my way to work while he was still asleep. I try to be as quiet as possible, as I do not want to wake him up.

Totally unrelated to anything – Rule #38 of life: people who install extra fog headlights on the front of their cars always drive way too fast.

Today’s Song Of The Day is “Forever Now” by the Psychedelic Furs. Let it stay forever now, indeed.




One response

8 05 2010

The last time a volcano in Iceland had a major eruption – and it was bigger than the current one, was about 1814 – and there was no substantial summer the following year – crops fails across Europe and tens of thousands died.

With the current eruption, we should see a global average temperature drop of about 1 degree – it will be lower in some places, less in others.

The plus side means that global warming is slowed down – and in fact, volcanoes play a major role in climate change to cooling trends.

But, there’s little sense to worry about volcanoes or earthquakes because we can’t predict them, we can only choose to not live in the zones where they are most likely to occur.

But, since they tend to occur in the places that most people like to live……..

as for those fog lights – they don’t help the driver of the car see better, they only make it worse for on coming cars – it’s strange to me when we intentionally choose things to increase the danger

so, perhaps not as unrelated topics as you’d think


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