Take me out to the ballgame

20 04 2010

So I decided, on impulse, to go to the ballgame tonight. It was the first time I had gone to a game solo since 2006.

It can be very peaceful in the SkyDome (or the Rogers Centre, or Ted’s Shed, or whatever we should call it now) early in the season. There aren’t many fans in the fifth deck, so it’s easy to find a place off on your own to relax and almost meditate. It’s like worshipping in the Church of Baseball.

A couple of notes from the game:

  • There are vending machines that sell baseball cards. But not many, and not recently: they were offering packs of cards from 1992, 1991 and 1987. I wonder if the packs have gum in them, and what it’s like now?
  • Before the game, we were asked to observe a minute’s silence for Colorado Rockies president Keli McGregor, who died unexpectedly this morning. Mr. McGregor is (or was) younger than I am. Makes a body think.
  • The fans in the fifth deck chose Royals hitter Billy Butler as their principal target, chanting “Billy, Billy” in derogatory tones. The sound echoed around the park like some eerie wind.
  • If I were a Royals fan, I would probably want to chew razor blades about now. The Royals had a lead going into the seventh, but then gave up a double on a fly ball to center that should have been caught, a single on a ground ball to second base that the shortstop couldn’t handle, then a single near the pitcher’s mound. What awful team defence!

The Song Of The Day is, naturally, “Take Me Out To The Ballgame”. The Rogers Centre now plays this during the seventh-inning stretch (right after “Okay Blue Jays”).




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