Getting money using my Johnnycash card

24 04 2010

So I went to my local bank branch this afternoon to withdraw some money. I was going to use the banking machine, but the lineup was fairly long, the branch was open, and there was no one waiting in line inside, so I got my money from an actual person.

As I was getting the money, I realized that it had been years since I had gotten money from a real live bank teller instead of from the money slot of a machine. Which reminded me that I was (barely) a legal adult back when banking machines didn’t exist. (For you young people out there: they were gradually adopted in the early to mid 1980s.)

A world without banking machines was kind of a hassle. For example, when I was in university in the early 1980s, at the end of a school term I had to borrow 10 bucks off my roommate to get home to Toronto from Waterloo. I had plenty of money in my savings account in Toronto, but my account in Waterloo had run dry, and there was no way to get money from Toronto to Waterloo without doing a bank transfer (which required several days to get from one place to another, and usually a hold of 5 to 10 business days if the transfer was from one bank to another).

While I was at the bank today, the teller pointed out that I had been a TD Canada Trust customer or Canada Trust customer for over a quarter of a century now: I set up my Canada Trust account in Waterloo in 1984, back when I moved into an apartment across the street from the branch. I’m getting used to these milestones by now.

True story: when I opened my account at the Canada Trust in Waterloo, they had recently set up banking machines, and the bank card that was used to access their banking machines was called a Johnnycash card. The promotional material for the machines featured pictures of Johnny Cash himself, who must have been at a low water mark in his career to need to solicit endorsements from Canadian trust companies.

And, in proof that YouTube has everything nowadays, here’s a Johnnycash commercial from 1985.

The Song Of The Day is “Hurt” by Johnny Cash. I’m not really a huge Cash fan – that boom-chicka-boom rhythm in so many of his early songs drove me crazy after a while – but he simply owns this song.




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