Pay attention!

27 04 2010

Rule of life #41: pay attention when you are in a long grocery lineup.

Today, I went to the Loblaws near where I live to buy some supplies. When I got to the 8 Items Or Less line, there were already at least half a dozen people there, including one woman who had seven items plus about a dozen unpacked onions and other vegetables, which somehow counted as one in her mind. Just as I resigned myself to a long wait, I noticed a cashier in the next lane who had just opened up a new register and was trying to get someone’s attention. Nobody in front of me was looking around, so I darted to the front and got served right away.

The Song Of The Day is, appropriately enough, “Wise Up Sucker” by Pop Will Eat Itself. It’s on my list of songs I would play if I needed to pump myself up for some heroic endeavour or other.




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