Demon rum and high summer

30 04 2010

I was walking home from work on Bloor Street today, and looked down in time to notice a shattered liquor bottle on the sidewalk. A man walking his dog was treading carefully to make sure the dog didn’t cut his paws on a sharp piece of glass. As he passed me, he muttered, “Fucking alcohol. I hate it.”

Just finished Ghost World – the comic book, that is. I really loved it. The movie was good too, but the comic is like, I don’t know, an Edward Hopper summer painting put to words. It was like that moment in summer when time seems to have stopped. I hope you know what I am talking about.

Watching the baseball game tonight on TV. John Buck has gotten the fans’ attention; hitting three home runs in a game will do that. As he batted, the fans in the upper deck were yelling “Buck! Buck! Buck!” He got hit by a pitch before he could drive another one out.

Life is easier when there is more sunshine.

The Song Of The Day is “Only You” by the Flying Pickets. It feels like summertime too.




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