Where are they?

4 05 2010

I was thinking today (I do this every now and again): how much time do I spend looking for my glasses? What makes it harder to find glasses is that, when I’m not wearing my glasses, I don’t see as well. It’s a negative feedback loop.

I was wondering: would it be possible to put some sort of tiny GPS locator in glasses? Then, you could locate them with your phone or with a GPS device.

A glasses registry or something might be useful too – if someone finds a pair of lost glasses, they could turn them in somewhere, and the microchip would enable the owner to find them again. It’s not as if the finder can use them, unless he or she has exactly the same vision problem. (My father and I used to have exactly the same vision defect – one good eye and one bad one. I used to be able to wear his glasses without major problems. But we’re an exception.)

The Song Of The Day is “No One Knows” by Green Day. When I’m feeling like it’s me against the world, this song makes me feel better – defiant, even.




One response

9 05 2010

Ah – Kerplunk – found my copy in a used CD store in Redwood City.

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